We are pioneering a revolution in E-Mobility. Come


We are pioneering a revolution in E-Mobility. Come


Electric, Silent and lots of Fun

100 % Electric

The eTuk is 100% electric and is now available with two battery options: Lead-Acid and Li-ion

More Milage

With an autonomy of 80 km with Lead-Acid and 100 km with Li-ion batteries, the new eTuk is perfect for a fun-filled ride around the city.

Very low maintenance costs

Less moving parts means less part failures and downtime, as well as lower overall maintenance costs.

High Return on Investment

With it’s large cargo space, low maintenance costs, and cheap and clean electric “fuel”, the eTuk provides a solid business case lowest possible cost per km and a high Return on Investment.


Your passengers will only absorb the vibe and sounds of the city, not of the engine. We bet!

Top Speed: 45 km/hr

Zip through the city traffic in style.